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More Lifestyle Benefits - Clara Baldwin Manor


As a Senior Citizen, moving into subsidized housing can be of great benefit to you.  But you

are now ready to live and no other place offers you access to a full life than Clara Baldwin




There are several churches within walking distance of Clara Baldwin Manor, which make

worshiping a lot easier.




Clara Balwin Manor is just minutes away from higher learning.  There are more and more

Baby Boomers who are finding themselves looking to get additional education.  Many of
these universities offers seniors free classes.  So a chance for higher learning doesn't have
to stop when you reach your senior years. 






There is plenty of entertainment and life venues that you would have access to from Clara

Baldwin Manor.  Many of these entertainment and life venues offers many seniors the

ability to participate often free.






If there's anything that Philadelphia has more than any other city in the country is parks.

And if there's a location that gives you access to the wide range of parks environments

and trails, it Clara Baldwin Manor.  As a matter of fact, right on 33rd Street which is only

minutes from Clara Baldwin Manor you have access to a large park area that can take

you down onto the drive where there is a great walking and jogging area and various forms

of entertainment.






Community is everything!  At Clara Baldwin Manor community is very much a part of our culture.

It's where people live, it's where family, friends, community and religious leaders live and where

life as it should be actually eist.


It's where moms, dads, children, grandparents, aunts, uncles, school mates and more live and work.

At Clara Bladwin Manor we've got sisters residing here.  Grand kids in some cases are only blocks away.



















Temple University

Community College

Drexel University




The Dell East

The Pearl Theater

The Parkway Venues

Penns Landing

Philadelphia Zoo





Independent Living Starts and Continues

at Clara Baldwin Manor


2600 W. Susquehanna Avenue
Philadelphia, PA 19121
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