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Clara Baldwin Manor - It's Where It All Got Started

The idea for Clara Baldwin Manor was conceived in 1960 way before subsidized senior housing ever existed.  In 1972 Clara Baldwin Manor was the first subsidized senior citizen living quarters built.


It was started out of the love Clara Baldwin had for seniors who could no longer afford to maintain their homes.  Starting Clara Baldwin Manor was a godsend to many seniors.


The 1970's was a time for promise and hope for urban neighborhoods and communities.  While working with then President Nixon on Civil Rights issues, Mrs Baldwin was asked, what could he do for her?  Mrs. Baldwin said she wanted an apartment building for the senior in her community, so that they could continue to live in the community.


Yes, But You Have To Raise $1 Million Dollars


President Nixon challenged her to raise a million dollars, and he promised to do the rest.


Fundraisng became a way of life for Mrs. Baldwin.  She raised money in the neighborhood by selling hot dogs, barbeque, french fries and snow cones to showing movies to children.  Mrs. Baldwin started to receive donations from the community, churches, community groups and various private donations, both large and small.  She was very pleased to receive a substantial donation from The William Penn Foundation.


Hence, the million dollars was raised and President Nixon kept his word.  With the President's help and Mrs. Baldwin untiring effort and the community effort, Clara Baldwin Manor was built.








A Giant During Her Time


She raised $1 million dollars in 1970

which is equivalent to over $6 million

in todays dollars.


2600 W. Susquehanna Avenue
Philadelphia, PA 19121
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