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Welcome Home


You are home when you are at Clara Baldwin Manor because many of our seniors grew up in this neighborhood with families, many who still live here.  Some have children and grandchildren within walking distance to Clara Baldwin


We are truly not like family, we are family.  We have mothers and daughters living here independently.  We have other family members living here with other family members independently.






True Independent Living

You've done everything in life you've wanted to do.  Raising and caring for your family was your primary concern.  Now you began a new chapter.  A chapter where you can explore all the things you want to in life.  At Clara Baldwin Manor we assist you in getting the most from your independent living experience




Family Is Everyting

Although you've selected to move into an independent living facility, this is when family means everything.




Clara Baldwin Manor offers you all of the amenities that can provide you with a quality lifestyle, in your apartment, the building and the surrounding community.



2600 W. Susquehanna Avenue
Philadelphia, PA 19121
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